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Your teen has finally made it to the next big step in life: Getting a driver’s license. And although this is one of the most exciting steps in life, we know it can be a bit nerve-wracking for you as a parent.

SeatbeltOur team at Internet Auto Reno has rounded up the best steps to keeping your teen safe while driving this summer, so that you can be a little less stressed while they’re cruising around Reno, Carson City, and Hidden Valley.

A Few Driving Safety Habits to Know & Love

Your teen is a novice driver, and isn’t going to know the ins and outs of road safety right away. That’s why instilling good driving habits from day one is important.

Don’t forget your seat belt: Most cars these days will make some kind of ding! sound over and over until the driver and/or passenger puts their seat belts on. However, depending on how old the model is, some may not. It’s important to teach your teen to put their seat belt on before even starting the car. They’ll get so used to it, they won’t want to drive without it.

Put the phone down: The phrase, “Don’t text and drive” is just about everywhere today. But we all know that picking up our phones is a habit—even in the car. It’s important to break this habit with teens, who might otherwise be able to multitask while texting. By emphasizing just how important it is to keep phones away while driving, you’ll also be teaching them the importance of keeping their focus on the road.

DrivingKeep the radio low: Another habit that teens might have to break is listening to their music as loudly as possible. That’s all fine when you’re home (for them), but while driving, it can be a major distraction. Teaching them early on to keep the volume low enough to hear what’s going on around them—cars or trucks beeping, construction vehicles, sirens, etc.—will create better driving habits, and again keep them focused on the road.

A Few Other Safety Tricks to Be Safe on the Road

You’ll also want to teach your teen a few resources to always have handy in case of a breakdown or accident

Purchase an emergency road kit: As a driver, you don’t know when something might happen to your vehicle while on the road. You could get a flat tire, run out of gas, etc. We’ve all been in those unforeseen situations, so it’s important to prepare your teen for them, as well. Purchase an emergency road kit that they can keep in the trunk of their car, and explain to them what it is and how to use each part. You’ll both feel safer while they’re behind the wheel.

Teach them about car maintenance: This is another big one that parents might forget to teach their teens. Car maintenance is crucial in ensuring that your vehicle is running in top-notch shape, and it’s no different for your teen’s car. Teach them about keeping up with simple routines, like oil changes, tire rotations, etc. They’ll understand quickly why it’s so important to avoid problems in the long run.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to keep your teen safe while on the road this summer, you can stress a little less and know that they’re being smart while they’re behind the wheel. If you have any questions regarding vehicle safety, feel free to contact us at Internet Auto Reno at any time!

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Looking for the right pre-owned truck? Why not check out the 2015 Ford F-150? The F-150, one of America’s favorite trucks, has never let us down, and the 2015 model is no different.

For our drivers in Reno, Carson City, and Hidden Valley, our team at Internet Auto Reno has put together this review of the 2015 Ford F-150, to give you all the details on why this truck is a great pick for your next truck purchase.

Ford F150

We’ll hash out the details on the engine options, towing capacities, and even interior features that you’ll find in the 2015 F-150, so you can decide if this is the right pickup for you.

2015 F-150: Engine Options

The 2015 Ford F-150 offers four different engine options. You’ll find even the standard engine to have plenty of power, with a 3.5L V6 that produces 282 horsepower.

Other engine options include a twin-turbocharged 2.7L V6, a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6, and the impressively powerful 5.0L V8. No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed massive power on the way to your next destination.

When it comes to fuel economy, the F-150 is a leader in its class. You’ll get an EPA-estimated 19/26 city/highway MPG, so you’ll never feel like you’re sacrificing power for fuel efficiency.

F-150 Towing Capacities & Bed Lengths

What’s a pickup truck without being able to carry some things around? (Okay, maybe a lot of things.) Luckily, the 2015 F-150 is up for the challenge with its massive towing capacity and optional bed sizes.

When properly equipped, the 2015 F-150 can tow up to 12,200 pounds—that’s enough for your boat, trailer, ATV, motorcycle, you name it! And in terms of maximum payload, the F-150 can carry up to 3,000 pounds, depending on which model you choose. So no matter what you’re using your truck for, the F-150 has you covered.

Ford F150

If you’re looking for bed length options, the F-150 has three: the 5.5-foot bed is great for using your F-150 as a family vehicle, the 6.5-foot bed is a great middle ground for utilizing your vehicle for multiple tasks, and the 8-foot bed works perfectly as your personal work assistant to carry all your job gear and equipment.

Ford F-150 Interior Space & Technology

We’ve mentioned utilizing your 2015 F-150 as a family vehicle, and that’s because of the different range of seating options, in addition to cargo space. The F-150 offers seating for 3-6 passengers, depending on which one of the three cab configurations you go with.

The 2-door Regular Cab will give you your standard 3-passenger bench seat, while the 4-door SuperCab with partial rear doors offers the second row. The SuperCrew cab has four individual doors, so your backseat riders won’t need the front doors open to get in and out.

The F-150 also offers two infotainment systems with either a 4.2-inch or 8-inch touchscreen. You’ll find options like Bluetooth®, satellite radio, and accessibility to stream music from your smartphone to listen to your favorite jams while on the road.

Test Drive the 2015 Ford F-150!

If you think you’ll dig the engine options, awesome towing capacity, and advanced interior technology of the 2015 Ford F-150, contact us at Internet Auto Reno to set up a test drive! We proudly serve the Reno, Carson City, and Hidden Valley areas, and we’re happy to fill you in on all things F-150.

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Searching for a pickup truck? We’ve got you covered. If you’re opting for a used pickup, check out the GMC Sierra, the best used GMC truck for your drives around Reno, Carson City, and Hidden Valley.

Our team at Internet Auto Reno has put together this review of the GMC Sierra so you can get moving in this powerful pickup, whether it’s to your next jobsite or family vacation. The multi-faceted GMC Sierra will function as your work assistant or family vehicle.

First, let’s check out how the Sierra is powered from place to place…

GMC Sierra: Power & Performance in the Best Used GMC Truck

When you’re looking for a pickup truck, you want something that’ll give you that extra boost. Look no further than the GMC Sierra. With three powerful engine options, you’ll find just the right pick for your truck needs.

If you’re worried about swapping power for fuel efficiency, never fear with the Sierra. The GMC’s V6 engine achieves an EPA-estimated 18/24 MPG city/highway, while the V8 upgrade doesn’t slack with 16/23 MPG city/highway.

In terms of towing capacity, the Sierra excels in this category. When properly equipped, the Sierra can tow up to 12,500 pounds—so feel free to hitch up the boat or trailer to your next family outing.

GMC Sierra Interior

You might not think that the interior of your pickup matters at first, but when you step inside the cabin of the GMC Sierra, you’ll never look at truck interior the same. With seating for three or six, the Sierra allows you to use your truck to not just carry your tools, but family members or co-workers as well.

Cargo space is another optimum feature in the GMC Sierra. This pickup offers three different bed sizes: a 5’8” short box, 6’6” standard box, or the eight-foot long box, so whatever you need to bring along with you, you’ll have options when it comes to cargo capacity.

Technology in the Sierra is a game-changer as well. You’ll want a little entertainment on longer rides to job sites, which is where smartphone integration comes into play via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™.

GMC Sierra Trucks Safety Features

Safety in your GMC truck is key, especially when you’re driving with loved ones or friends. The Sierra has a ton of advanced safety features to ensure you’re being protected while behind the wheel.

Such features include Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Alert, and the Teen Driver standard feature. Teen Driver allows you to monitor your novice driver’s choices on the road, like maximum speed and radio volume—even when you’re not with them.

Check Out the Best Used GMC Truck Today!

If you’re in the market for a used pickup truck, why not come see what the GMC Sierra has to offer? Drivers in Reno, Carson City, or Hidden Valley can contact us or stop by Internet Auto Reno today and get the full tour of the best used GMC truck on the market!

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So, you’ve decided to purchase a pickup truck. That’s great! Being the most versatile vehicle on the market, a pickup truck is an awesome investment. And with all of the options available, you won’t have a problem finding the truck that’s right for you.

Take the Ford F-150 and the GMC Sierra, for example: Two great trucks that have a ton to offer drivers in Reno, Carson City, and Hidden Valley. Our team at Internet Auto Reno has taken the F-150 and Sierra and hashed out all of their details in this vehicle comparison.

To start, let’s look at the engine options of these great pickups…

F-150 & Sierra: Power & Performance

When you’re looking for a pickup truck, you’re more than likely going to be concerned with engine sizes and options. Fortunately, you’ll get all of this and more with both the F-150 and the Sierra.

The F-150 has five different engine options (three of which are turbocharged V6 options), while the Sierra offers three different options. Both trucks have great base engine options, both V6s, with at least 282 horsepower.

The F-150 and Sierra are very close in fuel economy, as well. The F-150 has an EPA-estimated 19/26 city/highway MPG, while the Sierra follows closely behind with an EPA-estimated 18/24 city/highway MPG. So, you won’t have to stop at the pump often to refuel on your trips to further job sites.

F-150 vs GMC Sierra: Towing Capacity & Maximum Payload

We’re sure you’re going to want to carry some things around with (or in) your new pickup. Whether you’re hitching something up to the back, or loading it in the bed, the F-150 and Sierra both shine in terms of towing and maximum payload.

When properly equipped, the F-150 can tow up to 12,200 pounds, while the Sierra takes a slight lead with a towing capacity of 12,500 pounds. Either way, you’re looking at hauling along your boat or trailer with ease on your next family vacation.

When it comes to maximum payload, the F-150 takes a slight lead here. The F-150 has a maximum payload of 3,270 pounds, while the Sierra follows with 2,250 pounds. Both offer exceptional haul capacities for their class.

F-150 & Sierra Interiors

You might not immediately think about what the inside of your next truck will look like, but you’ll want to know a thing or two about the awesome interiors of the F-150 and Sierra.

Both the GMC Sierra and Ford F-150 seat three to six passengers, depending on which trim level you go with. So, whether you’re using your truck for work, as a family vehicle, or both, you’ll have enough room to fit the whole gang.

The Sierra and F-150 excel in technology features, as well. Both have available touchscreen infotainment systems with smartphone integration, so you’ll be able to access your music and apps, making your rides more entertaining.

Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra: The Results

We hope you’ve enjoyed this vehicle comparison of the Ford F-150 and GMC Sierra. However, with two great pickup trucks, we can’t narrow down just one that’s our favorite. We suggest test driving one (or both!) of these pickups at Internet Auto Reno, and you’ll find out which one satisfies all of your driving needs first-hand.

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The Ford F-150 has been an American favorite for quite some time now, and a big reason is thanks to its many different options. When you’re looking for a pickup truck, odds are, what you want is easily in one F-150 model or another.

Our team at Internet Auto Reno has taken the F-150 SuperCrew vs. SuperCab and hashed out the details of both models, so that drivers in Reno, Carson City, and Hidden Valley will know just what they’re looking for when deciding on which F-150 model will work best for them.

Door to Door: The Differences Between the F-150 SuperCrew & SuperCab


The F-150 pickup can seat three to six, depending on which model you choose; and, if you opt for the 6-passenger model, you’re going to have a second set of doors. This is where the first big difference lies between the SuperCrew and SuperCab.

The SuperCab has two rear partial doors. This means that you’ll have to open the front doors to access these doors to get to the back seat. So depending on what your preference is in terms of backseat accessibility, this type of door requires an extra step.

In the SuperCrew, you have two full sets of doors. Meaning, you have four individual doors, and the back doors can open or close without needing the front doors to be opened first. Your backseat passengers can get in and out easily, without disrupting the front-seat riders.

Ford F-150 Cab Passenger Space

Speaking of the riders, another difference between the F-150 SuperCrew and SuperCab is the amount of space the passengers have in the front and back seats. Both the SuperCrew and SuperCab offer seating for six, so whether you’re piling in kids or coworkers, your passengers will be comfortable in either model.


The SuperCrew offers 132 cubic feet of total passenger space, while the SuperCab follows closely behind with 116 cubic feet of space. And no matter how tall your passengers are, they’ll find plenty of comfort with 33.5 inches of legroom in the SuperCab, and 43.9 inches in the SuperCrew.

F-150 SuperCrew & SuperCab Trims

Another consideration when trying to decide between the F-150 SuperCab and the SuperCrew is what trims they’re available in. Luckily, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed here.

The SuperCab is available on the F-150 XL, XLT, and Lariat. So, you have plenty of options and might want to first look at which trim you like the best. The SuperCrew, on the other hand, is available on all trims, and comes standard on the King Ranch®, Platinum, and Limited—really giving you endless options when deciding on your F-150.

Come Check Out the F-150 SuperCrew & SuperCab!

Because there are so many great choices with either the F-150 SuperCrew or SuperCab, we think your best bet is to come check them out for yourself at Internet Auto Reno! You can contact us with any questions you have regarding the F-150, or set up a test drive today!

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